Telephone Techniques To Boost Events: How To Sell High Ticket Events via Phone

How to use the phone to boost your events

Firstly we arent talking about cold calling, we’re talking about calling people who have opted in directly to join your email list or have purchased tickets from you before.

These are people who know you exsist already and are NOT strangers. How does this work?

ONE As soon as people join your list usually after about 3 days to a week later, give them a quick call and “onboard them” to your events. Especially let them know or sell them a ticket to one of your “entry level” events. This will help build trust with them about what your events stand for and show how professionally you run your business.

TWO If they joined up to enquire about a different event maybe a course or super special event talk with them about that event, service or product. How long on the phone? The length of time on the phone should be commensurate to the price tag or importance of your event. SO DON’T RUSH THE CALL.

This is one huge mistake business owners make using the phone. If you make 10 to 20 calls in a day speaking with high level prospects youre doing well. I normally take half an hour to an hour to chat with prospects about their situation and not rush them. You want to be certain you are good fit before doing any business. Especially for high ticket priced events.

THREE Be a good listener on the phone. When I make phone calls its from a quiet place where I can hear each and every word and the intent behind their tone of voice. By doing so you’ll gain the most important aspect, such as rapport, empathy and depth of understanding on both sides of the call. This isnt something to rush. Results always come from a targeted approach.



Telephone Techniques To Boost Events: How To Sell High Ticket Events via Phone

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