How & When To Invite A Guest Speaker: Boost Your Event Numbers Attendance

How & When To Invite A Guest Speaker

When To Invite A Guest Speaker To Your Events

Will having a guest speaker boost my profits?

When is the right time to invite a guest speaker for your events?

Is this something only business clubs can do?

Where can I find a guest speaker for my event?

And do I have to pay them to speak?

The opportunity for speakers has never been bigger and the same applies for social and business groups to engage with speakers to enhance their meetings and build more membership loyalty as a direct result.

Attendance Spike

From my own anecdotal experience I can say a guest speaker at your events can on average lift attendance by as much as 35% and if the speaker is particularly very well known (i.e. the’re famous) your attendance numbers can go up by several hundred percentage points.

So yes, its well worth looking at this in depth!

I’ve ran many events over the years with both modestly known local speakers and some very famous experts who have been on TV numerous times in their career.

But before you ask a celebrity to speak at your event aim a asking a much lesser known person first and get used to the logistics involved a few times. By doing so you’ll create a track record of events that will make a well known speaker feel comfortable with appearing at your group because you know what to do running your events at that level.

How & When To Invite A Guest Speaker: Boost Your Event Numbers Attendance

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