Hi there, its David here,…


We all like to attend events each one of us has a favourite event to enjoy with others.


But what if you could create and deliver your own events?


Imagine how it would feel to be the one who runs and event that you’re proud of and that others enjoy and in the course of running the events you build your own social circle?


Yes, I know at first organising events is hard work.


You may have already tried to run some events before in your life.


That’s the reason why I created this website to show you what’s possible and how to create run and manage events and have fun delivering enjoyment to others in the process. Also it can become very profitable for you to run events in a myriad of ways.


Please I invite you to join up to my events courses and other resources such as my Facebook page and YouTube channel for more inspiration to run events you and your people will enjoy!


David Newton has been organising events since the 80’s he has been president of several social and business groups and held many committee positions long before running his own social and business groups. He is also the author of 6 books on event planning and management all books currently are on Amazon Kindle. Since 1998 David has been teaching thousands of people around the globe (via books manuals and courses) how they can run their own business and social events.

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