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Has this happened to you?

If you’ve ever planned a special event for your business, be it a product launch, a seminar or an online masterclass and you went through all these emotions and thoughts;
Will anybody show up?
I’m committed now, I “have to” go through with it, arrh!
I planned this event and now there’s a footy match on at the same time!
We spent a fortune including all the food and then we had a torrential downpour of rain and only 3 people showed up, it was a disaster.

If you’ve had horrors like one of the above you might be quaking in your shoes at the mere thought of holding another event. I don’t blame you.

But by learning the skills and techniques of how to plan, market and host your next event (seminar or webinar, business mixer, product launch, retreat, gala night etc) you’ll be in far better control and you could see yourself walk away in a far more profitable position.

Sometimes you have a great idea, only to get stuck in the “techie stuff” of posting it online. Or you might be thinking of a winning event idea only to crash and burn because you’re so close to it you can’t market the idea to your audience with a compelling reason for them to buy tickets, worse still, in desperation, you give away tickets and no one shows up at all.

Turn it around for good

I’m inviting you to join my Foundation Membership of the “Event Entrepreneur Academy”

What you’ll get is weekly group coaching via Zoom helping you on your journey towards holding better and more profitable events that will boost your business and help you attract new customers that you desire.

We also are setting up a private members community online where you can share questions, ask for input and be inspired by others making steps to improve their businesses by holding events. The journey will be much better for you in our group than all on your own.

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